Information Technology (IT) is the face of the new modernized world. Where IT was previously just a separate field or branch of science, now it is an important part of every field, every business and every company. If you are a person from any business organization or company than it is near to impossible that you have not heard of acronyms such as : ITPM, ITSM, ITS or ITIL. These are the most demanded services and techniques in the world of digital transformations and information technology. Where previously IT professionals where just employed to manage the It databases or other projects of the company, now the It professionals are in huge demand to efficiently manage every business, to meet the challenges and needs of the growing digital transformations in the business world.
Our IT Company in Indonesia provides you with all the services of IT Security, IT Project Management and IT Service Management. Let us first separately explain the acronyms to you and highlight their importance.

IT Security

IT Security is a basic need of the digitalized world. Whether you are an individual or an organization IT Security should be your top priority because this is something that protects you when you are entering your bank account number into an online website or when you are entering personal information anywhere over the internet. You need protection all the time from viruses, malware, hackers, competitors and what not. It Security is the vast term that covers all kinds of network security, internet security, cloud security, end point security and wireless security.

If you are running an organization or company that uses digital media than IT Security should be your first, foremost and basic concern. IT security is the top priority of every individual working in the digitalized world. So think and choose your IT Security provider wisely.

IT Project Management (ITPM)

IT Project Management is an organized and structural approach to planning, organizing, leading, and controlling and completing an organization’s Information Technology related projects.

It is a vast field that has an increasing demand in the digitalized world. It Project Management includes various things such as; overseeing hardware installations, software developments, network upgrades, Virtualization rollouts, business analytics, cloud computing, data management and implementation of IT services.

With an increasing demand of IT Project Management, the challenges of meeting the exact needs are also increasing. Every business and company has their own goals and methodologies and the stress of staying on top is driving them to come up with better and better IT Project Management Softwares. This is also leading to an increase in the demand of IT Project Managers and the pressure of meeting the expectations is also sky high. In such conditions it is vital and important for every business and organization to choose the best team or provider of IT Project Management. To meet such needs of the people we provide you with the best services and teams for IT Project Management.

IT Service Management (ITSM)

IT Service Management is a vast term that involves all the process required for designing, creating, managing, delivering and supporting the life cycle of IT Services. Simply put ITSM (IT Service Management) is responsible for managing all kinds of IT Services. It includes resolving day to day issues of the organization together with providing long-term end to end management services.

IT Service Management is often misunderstood by many people and organizations. We here work to provide you with the best softwares for IT Service Management as well as ways to improve your performance by linking IT Service Management with IT Project Management. The two are often treated differently and separately but you will always gain the best possible results and a smooth running by combining the IT Project Management with IT Service Management.